Organizational Structure – Committees

The Partnership is a collaboration of member agencies bound by a common purpose and a memorandum of understanding. Since its inception in 1998, the Partnership has created and dissolved committees in order to better accomplish its purpose. Ending in May 2019, it underwent a significant restructuring that changed the purpose of the Partnership, refreshed the roles, and in one case renamed the three committees. These are described below. Specific committee duties are found in the Organizational Structure & Protocols

Partnership Advisory Commission (PAC)

PAC is the decision making body, analogous to a corporate board of directors. The member agencies that comprise the Partnership are each represented on the PAC by one member with the exception of Cochise County and Sierra Vista, who each have three members. PAC provides leadership and direction, oversees the work products of its committees.

Administrative Committee (ADMIN)

ADMIN is the administrative arm of the Partnership. Members represent member agencies that make financial contributions to the operations and projects of the Partnership. ADMIN reports to PAC.

Duties include:

  • Development and implementation of the PAC approved Strategic Plan
  • Evaluation of legal, financial and other impediments for PAC action
  • Oversight of the Executive Director
  • Securing funding to implement the Strategic Plan
  • Development of financial plans to support implementation
  • Approval and oversight of contracts and payments
  • Approval and oversight of work plans and related documents
  • Approval and oversight of personnel actions

Technical Committee (TECH)

TECH provides technical reviews and advice to the PAC. Science/Technical Advisors to TECH have professional and/or technical credentials as related scientists or engineers, and are joined by Regular Members of the committee. TECH reports to PAC.

Duties include:

  • Ensuring public messages are technically accurate and reflect the best available science
  • Providing oversight to Partnership research activities
  • Participation in relevant research to inform Partnership understanding of the Sierra Vista Subwatershed
  • Coordination of data gathering, analysis and studies among member agencies in the Sierra Vista Subwatershed
  • Providing a forum for information sharing among the scientific and engineering community