Organizational Structure – Committees

The Partnership is a collaboration of member agencies bound by a common purpose and a memorandum of understanding. Since its inception in 1998, the Partnership has created and dissolved committees in order to better accomplish its purpose. Ending in May 2019, it underwent a significant restructuring that changed the purpose of the Partnership, refreshed the roles, and in one case renamed the three committees. These are described below. Specific committee duties are found in the Organizational Structure & Protocols

Partnership Advisory Commission (PAC)

The Partnership Advisory Commission is established by the Upper San Pedro Partnership to provide leadership and direction, inform the public and their legislative leaders, and provide feedback from them to the Partnership’s member agencies and committees.

Technical Committee (TECH)

The Technical Committee (Tech Comm) coordinates and cooperates with the PAC in the identification, development and utilization of science and technical information to assist in meeting water needs in the Sierra Vista Subwatershed of the Upper San Pedro River Basin, by performing the following duties:

    1. Oversee updates and uses of the USGS groundwater model for the Upper San Pedro Basin.
    2. Conduct annual review and reporting of sustainability indicators.
    3. Host an annual “science summit” to exchange information with decision makers and the public, including previous findings and future information gaps.
    4. Provide science support for member agency needs for research, monitoring or projects.
    5. Make science-based information available for decision-makers and public outreach.
    6. Integrate our work with and receive input from other partners on key technical issues.
    7. Conduct annual Technical Committee planning activities.

Biographies of TECH Committee Science and Technical Advisors.

Administrative Committee (ADMIN)

The Administrative Committee (Admin) is established by the Upper San Pedro Partnership (USPP) to perform the duties required to support the objectives of the PAC and Tech Committee, including:

  1. Identify, secure and manage funding for the USPP and its initiatives.
  2. Coordinate with the USPP committees to meet approved PAC goals and plans.
  3. Develop financial plans to support implementation of the USPP initiatives.
  4. Prepare and approve contracts, work plans and related work documents for consultant contracts in support of the USPP initiatives.
  5. Provide oversight of contracts and budgets managed by the fiscal agent in accordance with fiscal partner agreements.
  6. Advise PAC on administrative matters that are impediments and/or beneficial to meeting Partnership goals.
  7. Assist PAC or member agencies to secure funding for PAC approved initiatives.
  8. Other duties as assigned by PAC.

The Retail Work Group works with the ADMIN Committee to administer mini-grants to local institutions and businesses to implement water conservation tools and measures.  More…