Research, along with monitoring and modeling, are the three legs of the scientific stool that support ecosystem restoration and management. Monitoring tells us what is happening, research tells us why and how it is happening, and modeling provides insights about what can happen under different management alternatives.”

Various USPP members conduct research that informs how the water needs in the Sierra Vista Subwatershed of the Upper San Pedro Basin will be met. This research includes analyses and assessments of various elements of the water cycle that influence the availability groundwater and surface water supplies. This research and resulting results or findings are available:

  • To support decisions that help balance water availability for the area’s residents, property owners and the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area (SPRNCA).
  • To support members’ projects, policy decisions and public outreach.
  • To be reported out at the annual science summit.
  • To be integrated with other related research and provide input to other partners on key technical issues.                                                                                                                                       

The need for research on a specific topic may be requested by members at Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings and/or by the Science and/or Technical Advisor representatives from those members directly at the Technical Committee meetings. Recommendations for research funding is brought by the other committees or members to the Administrative Committee.

Featured Reports

Hydrological conditions and evaluation of sustainable groundwater use in the Sierra Vista Subwatershed, Upper San Pedro Basin, southeastern Arizona (Scientific Investigations Report 2016-5114)

Preface paper to the Semi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere (SALSA) Program (Ag and Forest Meteorology)

Southwestern Intermittent and Ephemeral Stream Connectivity (JAWRA 54:6, p 400-422)

Detecting changes in riparian habitat conditions based on Greenness (Ecological Ind. 89-99; 2008)

Biodiversity Metrics

A Landscape Approach for Detecting and Evaluating Change  in Semi-Arid Environment (EMA 64: 179-195; 2000)

Assessing the Accuracy of Satellite-Derived Land-Cover Classification Using Historical Aerial Photography, Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles, and Airborne Video Data