Partnership Water Conservation Grant Program - up to $2,000 in 45 days!

Get a grant to save money on water costs! Your business can improve its cash flow while supporting the economy, Ft. Huachuca, and the San Pedro River.

Who's eligible? Any business in the Sierra Vista Subwatershed (including Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Tombstone, Naco, Huachuca City and the unincorporated areas).

How do you get started? It is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Call a friendly Water Wise Specialist at 458-8278 x 2150 and make an appointment for a complimentary on-site visit.
  2. Decide what you want to replace or install. With your input, the Water Wise Specialist will offer recommendations and together you will figure out how you can save water and money.
  3. Fill out an easy, one-page application.

Grants help you: Replace older toilets with newer ones. Install waterless urinals. Replace outdated commercial washing machines with water efficient ones. Install cartridge filters for swimming pools instead of sand filters. Remove costly turf or install an easy Xeriscape or RainScape. There are many more options to choose from. Call a Water Wise Specialist today.

High Desert Market

The popular and well-visited High Desert Market and Café located in Old Bisbee received two 1.1 gallon per flush pressure assist toilets to replace old 5 gallon per flush toilets from the USPP Water Conservation Program in 2007. Annual savings was estimated to be 70,200 gallons. The Market contributed to the project by paying for the installation of the toilets.

Imagine Charter School

This $1600 grant was awarded in 2010 for the installation of a 3,000 gallon rainwater collection tank. The 16,000 square foot roof area will yield significant water to be actively used in the school garden. The School matched the grant with volunteers who installed the system and guided the gardening project. The school is integrating portions of the rainwater system into the science curriculum and afterschool 4-H club. Grants from other organizations will help pay for a drip irrigation system, another rain tank, plumbing materials and solar pump.

The Reuse Project

Funding from the Partnership enabled some of the City of Bisbee’s effluent to be reused for irrigation on the Turquoise Valley Golf Course. As a result, less water is now pumped from the aquifer for irrigation use. Without additional funds for this project, it would have been difficult to cover the costs of designing and building the infrastructure needed for this project.

“The reuse of Bisbee's effluent is but another example that when Partnership members work together, these real on-the-ground projects can be completed that would be impossible for a single member to take on, and that these projects make a sizable contribution,” says Ken Budge, Bisbee City Councilman.

The Bisbee Rainwater Harvesting Project

The Partnership, along with the Cochise Community Foundation, provided funding to the U of A Water Wise Program for a rainwater harvesting project at City Park on Brewery Avenue in Old Bisbee. Two 660 gallon cisterns, along with gutters are being installed at the ramada in the Park with the help of local residents. As a result, rainwater will be used instead of pumped groundwater to water landscape plants at the park. Reducing the amount of groundwater we use, even as far away as Old Bisbee, helps to protect the aquifer that sustains flows of the San Pedro River.