USPP Fact Sheets

Informative, 2-sided fact sheets that describe role/function of USPP.

Download Fact Sheet – About the Partnership
This fact sheet explains who we are, how we work and how we identify, prioritize and implement policies & projects.

Download Fact Sheet – Achieving Sustainable Yield
This fact sheet explains how the Upper San Pedro Partnership is dedicated to working together to find ways to meet the water needs of both area residents and the river.

Download Fact Sheet – Going with the Flow
This fact sheet explains where our water comes from, what our current water situation is, how we are keeping track of the aquifer and what changes we are watching for.

Download Fact Sheet – Riparian Areas & Change
This fact sheet explains what home is like on the San Pedro River, and how Riparian areas change over time.

Download Fact Sheet – 21st Century Decision Making
This fact sheet explains the development of the Decision Support System (DSS) and how it allows users to experiment with a variety of “water scenarios” in an attempt to reach sustainable yield in the Sierra Vista sub-watershed