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The Upper San Pedro River was a geographical initiative of the EPA Office of Research and Development dating back to the mid-1990s, designed to evaluate landscape change over time and develop a system of landscape and hydrological indicators, data, or models that can be used by decision-makers relative to natural resource management. This office was shuttered in 2018, after a 50+ year history of environmental research. The reports and resources presented here represent that office’s scientific contributions to our understanding of the San Pedro River Watershed.

Featured Publications

The San Pedro River Geo-Data Browser (EPA/600/C-03/008; Sept 2003) – Currently unavailable; Access will be restored to the browser and associated data layers in fall 2021.

The San Pedro River Basin Data Browser provides environmental protection managers and practitioners with an ability access spatial data for the entire San Pedro River Basin (U.S./Mexico). It includes data from the Integrated Climate and Land-Use Scenarios (ICLUS) database. Using ICLUS, future growth within the San Pedro River Basin is represented by housing density maps generated in decadal intervals from 2010 to 2100 using ICLUS future housing density maps adapted from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Emissions Scenarios (SRES) social, economic, and demographic storylines to the conterminous United States.

San Pedro Watershed Database

Assessing Hydrologic Impacts of Future Land Cover Change in the SP (EPA/600/R-13/074; June 2013)

Investigating Historic Parcel Changes to Understand Land Use Trends (EPA/600/R-13/112; July 2013)

Remote Sensing and GIS for 25-year change in San Pedro (EPA/600/R-02/039; June 2002)

ATtlLA Analytical Tools Interface for Landscape Assessments

An Accuracy Assessment of the 1997 Thematic Mapper Derived Land Cover for the Upper San Pedro Watershed (U.S./Mexico) (EPA/600/R-00/097; May 2000)

An Accuracy Assessment of the 1992 MSS Land Cover for San Pedro (EPA/600/R-02/040; June 2002)

San Pedro River: A Landscape Approach to Community-Based Environmental Protection

The San Pedro River Case Study: Using Science to Influence Integrated Decision-making for Watershed Management

Remote Sensing and GIS for Decision Analysis in Public Resource Administration: A Case Study of 25-years of Landscape Change in a Southwestern Watershed (EPA/600/R-02/039; June 2002)